Wpis: Bucharest - part 1 // Bukareszt - część 1

Autor: Direction: Sweden - opublikowany: 2015-07-28 00:00:00
Kraj: Rumunia, Lokalizacja: Bukareszt

The plane lands and we finally arrive to the land of vampires. Just a quick passport control at Bucharest Otopeni Airport and we can search for the buses to city centre. The machine for selling tickets doesn't have any cards anymore, you may only re-charge the one you already have... but we don't have any. The bus schedule over our heads is informing us on two buses - 780 going to central station (Gara de Nord) and 783 which ends its trip in the city centre. We are entering the second one, the bus driver is selling us the ticket and we are standing in the back of the bus, as there are no more sitting places. Trip to the city centre (Piata Unirii) takes almost one hour, standing inside of the bus with no air conditioning and temperatures exceeding 30 degrees for sure... and we are still wearing not such "summery" clothes... Samolot ląduje, a my w końcu docieramy do kraju wamp...

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