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Autor: Portugalia - koniec Europy, początek przygody. - opublikowany: 2013-06-02 00:00:00
Kraj: Portugalia, Lokalizacja: Madera

A visit of a friend Monika - student of Geography, became a good reason to explore new lands, unknown for us. This time, we decided to explore Portuguese island Madeira. The easiest and also the cheapest way of getting there is choosing a low-cost flight from Lisbon. We decided to choose easy jet morning flight.  Tuesday night, after 1 am we got on bus to Lisbon and our adventure started. At dawn we arrived to Lisbon. Of course not without stress. We didn't believe in punctuality of Portuguese buses and we didn't had much time to get from bus station to the airport. This time we were surprised because the bus came to the Oriente station before the scheduled time. Airport in Lisbon is situated just a few minutes driving from the Oriente station. It was a day of the final match of footbal Europa League in which Benfica played with Chelsea London. This is why the airport was complete...

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