Wpis: Nepal – High mountains

Autor: Traveling Rockhopper - opublikowany: 2015-06-20 00:00:00
Kraj: Nepal

Himalaya mountainsMany people go to Nepal, only because it’s a starting point for hiking in high mountains. There are beautiful tracks, but I’d like to say to almost everyone “don’t go to Mt. Everest”. If you’re a passione mountaineer, go there; but if you’re a random person who hardly ever climbed mountain tops don’t try to go to Mt. Everest only because you want to say “I climbed Mt. Everest”. During my flight to Kathmandu, I met a man who proudly told me that he’s going to climb Mt. Everest. So I got curious and asked about other mountains he climbed, because I thought it’s his passion. Surprisingly he answered that he didn’t climb any mountains so far and that he is going to hike only to the base camp of Mt. Everest… ________________________________________________________________ Wiele osób ...

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