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Autor: Traveling Rockhopper - opublikowany: 2015-12-30 00:00:00
Kraj: Nowa Zelandia, Lokalizacja: Twizel

Twizel, New Zealand December is almost over and also a month about New Zealand, but I’ll show you 2 more, hopefully inspiring, pictures from land of the Kiwis. Today you see the stunning landscape nearby Twizel, South Island. I haven’t mentioned so far something what New Zealand is also famous for: Do you know what it may be? Extreme adrenaline activities. The most famous is probably bungee jumping. While driving around look out for high bridges. If you spot people on and below the bridge – that’s most likely one of many bungee jumping spots in New Zealand. Other adventures are e.g., zorbing (rolling downhill inside an orb), skydiving, sky jumping, gliding and paragliding, sand boarding, jet boating and jet skiing, rafting, or just hiking or climbing. __________________________________________________________ Grudzień już się kończy, a z nim m...

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