Wpis: Now greetings to the world, vice ala one big tribute to SOUTH AMERICA

Autor: Vai lá cara - opublikowany: 2015-09-26 00:00:00
Kraj: Peru

Have you ever had a dream fucker? Well thanks to my friend I have to write some stuff in English, I guess also it will be good letter for all of my international followers who 90% of time couldnt understand anything. Anyway I hope that this “shit”, as we used to say with my Turkish friend Seckin, will turn on your imagination, will wake up yourselves, will change your believes, will open your eyes that only once you are young and in 10 years our place will be replaced by somebody else and our time may be gone. Somehow. This is the “script” for the movie which my lovely friend promised to help with, I will try to write here as much as I can with the most detailes I remember, something like HD but for memory ;). I hope you will spend next few pages like almost watching and that if you have doubts if you should travell it will make you finally do it, and if you do no...

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